Every journey starts with one single step - Lao -Tse

The beauty and power of my company lies in the fact that I simplify organizations and, simultaneously, increase effectiveness of what we do. There is something encouraging in simple clarity about what is essential and what is not. " - Jim Collins -

Values: Quality, Reliability, Compassion and Authenticity. The power is in focusing your attention on the right things, in being results oriented and in making the complex easy to understand.


Clear Essence was born in 2006 from many years of Organizational Consulting / Change management experience and the need to do things differently.

Many companies have a Mission Statement in which the various aspects of their Corporate Identity are named. The reality is, however, that due to the fact that these companies often do not operate in line with these Values, these Statements develop into empty marketing instruments.

The most powerful and successful Leaders guide their companies via the integration of Personal and Corporate Value.

Clear Essence emphasizes Values as the foundation of the Company. And, from these Values, which are at the heart of the Company, to develop the Vision and Strategy.

During implementation, the Corporate structure is brought into alignment with these Values. Which allows for the Structure and Values to support and strengthen each other. We are looking more and more for fulfilment of our Values in the work that we do. We want to add meaning; we want to work for the Greater Good.

I do research all around the Globe of Companies that are built upon their Values and every time I step into one of these Companies, I feel at home. The experience of the Leaders of those Companies is that being Value driven and Profitable strengthen each other. As Ray Anderson, founder of Interface Atlanta, once said to me: Doing Well by Doing Good.


Clear Essence works on a word-of-mouth basis and has chosen to remain small; choosing quality over quantity.

Clear Essence works with a wide variety of companies from Consultancy to Production. Especially with Companies in which the owner(s) 'walks the talk'; where leaders really want to make a difference.