"If you're doing something you love and believe in, then it is impossible not to make something wonderful from it.

My approach is different in that I see that developing leaders? self awareness as the starting point when developing the mission, vision and strategy of their company. In this way, I integrate self awareness and company awareness.

The way that I work incorporate the Harvard University 2007 global research study on the topic of Authentic Leadership:
Many leaders reported that their motivation came from a difficult experience in their lives, i.e. loss of a job, personal illness, death of a close friend, rejected by peers. Rather than seeing themselves as victims, though, authentic leaders used these formative experiences to give meaning to their lives. They reframed these events to rise above their challenges and to discover their passion to lead.` with, as a result, "superior results over a sustained period of time is the ultimate mark of an authentic leader."

Clear Essence works by coaching, making the process feel natural. Clear Essence brings to light what is already present, but buried deep down in a company and no longer seen.



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