Organisation Coaching

OC is about seeing clearly what is currently present in a company. By exposing that which is no longer seen, the company unfolds itself very naturally.

The goal is to bring the company in line with its own values and, thereby, it's own identity. I ask the right questions of the right people, controversial, confronting, why?

My clients always play an important role in developing the project for their company.

Sample Questions

  • "We are a very successful company. How can we ensure that we don't drown in our success?"
  • "We can't seem to agree on a long term vision"
  • "How can we make our company future proof?"
  • "How can we stimulate employees to take more initiative, to assume more responsibility?"
  • "We are now forming an independent company, we want to know who we are and what we actually want."

Executive coaching

This is intended for both teams as well as individuals.


  • Personal Growth
  • Authenticity-Personal Awareness
  • Leadership development
  • Getting the company moving

At the company level, I use coaching as an organizational development instrument.

Team excellence

Building and developing a Strategic Team to send into the World with a mission; a team that needs to perform in a short time.

I make a SWOT analysis of, for example:

  • Potential Research
  • Company values
  • Role or project competencies

This brings the following to light:

  • Who are the best people for the team?
  • What is the specific strengths of this team?
  • What is the team missing or what needs to be developed?

And guide this development.

Client List:

Fortis International (Hr/Finance)

Business Ethics & Integrity Management

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