Johanna Räkers - Clear Essence in Amsterdam

Someone who always wants to know how things work. With curiosity and wonderment, I gather knowledge in order to distill the pure essence. Personal experience, knowing myself, theoretical and practical knowledge to learn that which I, and those I interact with, can in turn make available to many. I love challenging people to get the best out of themselves. To be busy with something useful and to make a contribution to something great, that makes the effort worth it!

My personal motto is: Every journey starts with one single step by Lao Tse. Years ago, I had an artist friend paint this "lifesize" on my living room wall. I feel right at home with people who are purposefully engaged in something useful. A client recently said to me: "you are not busy with your ego. Your goal is to build something together."

I understand where I come from and, as a result, am centered. I am daring and creative. I have a special relationship with my daughter, Sofie, and in my free time, I sing jazz and Ella Fitzgerald's songs.

Nice To Meet You!